MTH Standard Gauge Millennium Presidents Special Passenger Set With Boxes

This is an MTH Millennium Standard Gauge Set, which is a special Commemorative Reproduction of the American Flyer Presidents Special set. This set was made in 2000 and was made to honor the four big model train company founders whoes name appear on the passenger cars. Harry Ives, Louis Marx, A.C. Gilbert, and Joshua Cowen. The Locomotive is number 2000, for the year it was made. The Locomotive and all Cars are done in Gold Plate. This set has Never Been Run, only on Display, that is why I have only included one picture of each car, they are all Mint. The Locomotive is still attached to the metal packing frame and all cars still have the protective foam inserts on the trucks. There is one missing part on the Club Car one of the Door Knob Handels is missing, but this was from the factory. I have included a close up photo to show this. The Locomotive is the Contemporaty Version Which has Proto Sound and Train Contol Systems with Passenger Station Proto Effects. the MTH Stock Numbers are, Locomotive 10-1126-1, Harry Ives Club Car, 10-1126P-A, Louis Marx Diner, 10-1126P-D, J, Lionel Cowen Pullman, 10-1126P-B and A.C. Gilbert Observation, 10-1126P-C. All Original Boxes are included with the Shipping Cartons. This will be shipped in Two Shippments, one being the Locomotive and the other the Four cars. This set is very heavy, so extra shipping ... read more