MTH M T H 10-1217-0 A B C Chrome Queen of the Rails - The Mayflower President's

At last! What you really wanted for Christmas! Here's the MTH reproduction of the famous American Flyer Mayflower set from the golden age of Standard Gauge. Everything has been meticulously recreated, from the American Eagle on the front of the locomotive to the drumhead on the observation car. This is the traditional version, which means there are no batteries to worry about or circuit boards to burn out. Just put it on the track - the wider radius the better - and let it roll.

As you can see, this is a stunning train, and sure to have pride of place in any collection. I don't believe this set has ever been run. If it has, it was just for a quick test. In any event, it is as close to new as anything 15 years old is likely to be.

I'm selling the extra car, the Academy, in a separate auction, so check that out if you want the ultimate in stunning wide gauge railroading.