E-MU E6400 Ultra Sampler EMU

This E6400 Ultra is running EOS 4.70, 128MB sample RAM, Effects, 40GB IDE Hard Drive, CPU RAM 8MB, Flash RAM 4MB and has 64 channels. EOS 4.70 let's you choose to save with FAT32 format and supports .wav & AIFF files. EOS Link disk included for hooking this up to your computer. The screen is bright, all buttons respond as they should and the Encoder is tight and smooth, no jumping and the rack ears show little signs of rack rash. 14 Proteus 2000 sound ROM's are copied directly to the hard drive via my E4 Platinum from the original ROM's themselves. Sound banks are: Ensoniq Halo/ZR-76 Perfect Piano (443 Presets, 980 Samples), Beat Garden (424 Presets, 767 Samples), Techno Construction Yard (608 Presets, 574 Samples), Mo' Phatt (451 Presets, 717 Samples) X-Treme Lead (284 Presets, 746 Samples), Vintage Pro (139 Presets, 874 Samples), Composer (186 Presets, 903 Samples), World Expedition (734 Presets, 763 Samples), Orchestral 1 (67 Presets, 454 Samples), Peter Siedaczek Advanced Orchestra (58 Presets, 402 Samples) Orbit/Phatt 16MB (474 Presets, 997 Samples), B3 (140 Presets, 577 Samples) PX-7 Protean Drums (703 Samples) and Protozoa (801 Samples). Also included are copies of 17 E-MU CD's. E4 Ultra Production Set back up, WCC..Green, Producer Series 1&2, Producer Series 5 3-D Audio, Analog Odyssey, Hip Hop Nation, Techno Trance, ... read more