Muhammad Ali's United States Passport

This U.S. passport was originally issued to Ali in 1972 at the height of his fame - for his fight with boxer Al Lewis, it was issued by the U.S. embassy in Dublin, Ireland. Ali undoubtedly lost his passport and this was the worthy replacement. He went on to use this one until the 15 pages used for visa stamps were all filled up, and there are over 30 stamps from all around the World inside. For multiple bouts, there are some to Indonesia including one for the fight versus Rudie Lubbers. When the pages were filled in mid-1974 this passport was retired and cancelled and another was issued. The "Rumble in the Jungle" occurred in October, 1974, and the stamp for that trip is not there. Signed twice by Muhammad Ali, once on the signature page and once again on his photograph, the passport shows good use from this world traveler but is still in excellent condition with both signatures rating 8/10. One of the finest sports related passports of all.