Muhammed ALI Leaf GU Full Set 1-50 including 7 short print /20 WOW!! Game used

Here is a one of a kind lot. Ali Game used set numbered 1 through fifty, including seven short print numbered to 20, and many uniques swatches including pieces of a warmup, and interesting loose threads etc. In order to build this set you would need to spend many thousands of dollars and even then you would not have every card, I guarantee you. it took me almost six months to assemble this set and I am ready to sell it now. Get the whole set in one purchase, instead of trying to buy them one at a time, you would never do it. The price I am putting on this is only slightly more than I spent, so feel free to make an offer, but i can't go to low. thanks for looking, free shipping as usual. UPDATE- lowering the price by 33% yes I mean it, the exact same amount I spent on these cards and maybe a little less. Greatest of all time!! plus the auto