Muhle Double Edge Safety Razor~AfricanBlackwood~Sophist

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~*For Your Interest & Bids~Please Consider this~

Muhle Double Edge Safety Razor~

Handmade in Germany

~EXCELLENT condition~

~Money Back Guarantee~

Next 2 New~*~Just 4 You~!!!

This Muhle is a Nickel Finished, Three Piece Safety Razor featuring the African Blackwood Handle~

Hand Made in Germany by

Known as the Makers of Only the Finest Hand Made Shaving Razors~

as well as Hand Made Shaving Brushes~Made with Exotic Wooden handles~

This Muhle features the African Blackwood Handle~Making the Razor a True Beauty indeed~

The Dynamic Design of this Razor is Top of the Line Style~

A Top Favorite among the Wet Shaving Community~

Most popular with Most members of the Shave Forums on line~!!!

Promising a Wonderful Shave~Day after Day For Years & Years to come~!

This Muhle is a previously owned & used safety razor however, only slightly~!

One of our Straight Shaving Customers decided to give DE Shaving a try~

He invested in the Top of the Line, Top Favorite Shavers available on the Market today~

Only to realize shortly tafter, that he was truly a Straight Shaver at heart~

So, he has asked us to sell his Classy Collection~

This Muhle is in Excellent condition~ with only the faintest signs of use~

The absolute only signs worthy of mention is a tiny bit of plate wear to the center

hole of the blade guard w the head attaches to the handle~

& a slight bit of plate thinning in the same area to the underside of the head plate~

Probably because of the area is so tight, the plating was originally thin in this area.

These faint flaws are Truly unnoticed~only when the razor is apart~{see pics #6&7}

Please look closely at the photos~

Though the Photos do not do this Beauty justice~the dark wood handle is Much nicer & darker

than it appears in the photos~In Reality, this Razor is Awesome!!!!!

If t are any further signs, they have proven impossible to find~

and in No way affect the performance of this Marvelous Muhle~!!!

It functions as perfectly as it did the day it rolled off the factory line~

Next 2 New~Just 4 YOU~

PRETTY & CLEAN~Nothing in Between~!!!

It measures 5 inches long including the head~and weighing 2.6 ounces~

Providing a very little weight to your razor, though a perfect balance with the long slim handle~

Insuring a Very Smooth shave~Every Time!!!

Forgive the lack of information, as I am more of a Vintage Gillette kind of Girl~

But it takes all types of Razors~to make up this Wonderful Wet Shaving World~

Seller's Note: It is thought that this Razor may be part of the Sophist Collection

Again, I am not real knowledgeable on the subject, but from my research

that is the decision I came to~Any info you gentlemen may have will definitely be welcomed

& Added to the description to be shared with the interested bidders~!!


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