Mullard British M8162 12AT7 CV4024 ECC81 TUBE NOS PR

This auction is for one PAIR of Mullard M8162/12AT7 tubes.
These Mullards are the real deal made in the U.K. years ago, not a re-issue made in Russia today. This is the industry-boxed version of the Mullard CV4024. In fact it is labeled both ways. CV4024 is a military marking, usually reserved for The Royal Air Force. Let’s not get uptight... CV4024 or M8162 they are the best of the best no matter what you choose. Though we are in a nice period right now where New Old Stock 12AT7 are affordable... don’t snooze! These were sold and shipped to the 14th Military Unit, Carlisle, Cumbria (see label). Learn more on this RAF base here /wiki/Carlisle,_Cumbria#RAF_Carlisle. We have a huge selection of 12AT7s on our website.
Using Upscale Audio’s rigorous testing standards, each pair of tubes for sale here are graded Platinum – the highest grade we offer. They have a triode balance of better than 10%. Most important of all, they have the lowest noise and lowest microphony. You can’t get this kind of quality just anywhere. Tubes are our specialty and we are unaware of anyone who has the same quality and stock as Upscale Audio.
CA residents add 8.75% sales tax.
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Upscale Audio has been a player with high-end audiophiles for decades… importing, selecting, and testing New Old Stock tubes and providing only the

Upscale Audio extends a 90 day warranty from day of purchase on these vacuum tubes. Tubes are warranted against defects, except in cases of abuse, and replaced with like-item only. Tubes are electronic parts and therefore are not refundable. Upscale Audio is not liable for any damage or injury caused by the improper use of its tubes or the use of an incorrect/incompatible tube type. If you are unsure of what tube or tubes your equipment uses, consult the manufacturer before making a purchase. Using an incompatible tube type may cause severe damage to your equipment and will void your tube's warranty.

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