Multi Game Full Size Arcade machine - over 3000 games Coin Op MUST SEE! Jukebox

Full size upright multigame/multicade (multi) arcade game machine with over 3000 classic arcade games (covering most if not all of the classic arcade games from 1976 to 2002) and a Jukebox option in either the classic looking style like you would find at your favorite hangout or a more modern style which lists all of the songs in order with over 4000 songs to choose from. This is a custom built machine and is setup for four (4) players with seven (7) buttons each which allow you to have four (4) people play at once on four (4) player games such as Gauntlet and X-Men, a button on each side for the pinball games, a trackball in the center for you Golden Tee fans and it has the coin slots installed in the front if you choose to use them (the coin slots are currently not connected as the machine is setup for free play). This machine is three (3) years old with me being the single owner and has hardly been played and is in excellent condition as indicated in the pictures and also has the capability to connect the machine to your surround sound and TV in your game room for the ultimate experience, there are two (2) built in speakers located in the top of the machine that provide an excellent sound system as well. There are 1846 classic arcade games, 570 Sega Genesis games, 153 Pinball games, 621 Nintendo NES games and 4072 songs to choose ... read more