Multicolored Cranberry and Lime Solid Glass Paperweight Collectors Item

Ali's Glass DesignsWelcome to my first Ebay Store Opened in April 2011 I have been selling at Art Shows for several years and time for me to expand my horizons to internet sales. Alison Hoagland has had a lifelong interest in the arts. As an undergraduate she studied studio art at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville.
Currently, Alison pursues her passion for glass blowing and in 2003 built her own studio in Bellingham, Washington.
What intrigues me most about working in hot glass is the process of transformation. From the moment I dip into the furnace full of hot molten glass there is a small window of opportunity to blow, shape and coax the glass into a conceptualized form. Whether I am making a simple ball shape or a more complex vessel form, I am ever challenged by the immediate need for intense focus and attention. It is this challenge that continually captivates my imagination for self-expression in color and form. For me, blowing glass is the ultimate metaphor for transformation and it is this process which brings me immense satisfaction.
Ali in her studio blowing glass at Ali's Glass Designs The picture on far right top row is an example of 3 hand blown glass pumpkins which make a great table center piece for your holiday decoration. Multicolored Cranberry and Lime Solid Glass Paperweight Collectors
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