Mummies Only Sold at the Show-Garage Punk 7 45 Crazy!!

What you have here is the first Pre-BS Records release since 1992.
The Mummies cared enough to put out a special release just for the poor saps at their final US show
at Dante's in Portland Or. Aug 20th 2010. Since you couldn't make it, here is your chance to complete your Mummies collection.
500 of these promo singles were pressed up and over-sized crimped "Budge-edge" covers were made.
On purple vinyl and sold only at the show, one per customer. Less than 400 were actually sold.

Tracks are "Just one more dance" (A different take from the one on "Party at Steve's")
and "I don't like it".
Label is blank white with ink stamp message.
Record is un-played. Record and cover are in mint condition. Go Ass Crazy!
Shipping is $4 US or $12 for international.