Muonionalusta meteorite etched full slice 221 grams!

This is a 221 gram etched full slice of the Muonionalusta Meteorite. The muonionalusta was first found in Kiruna Norrbotten Sweden in 1906. It is a fine octahedrite. There have been many more pieces found in recent times. The Muonionalusta is very hard to cut and usually only comes in very large pieces.

This piece measures about 144.2mm X 96.2mm X 2.8-3.5mm

IMCA member #2232
These meteorites are found buried very deep at times, they have been found deeper than 5 feet, which is very deep for a meteorite to be found. They are found using deep seeking Pulse induction metal detectors, like the Pulse star 2 or the Lorenz. These machines come with coils up to 80 inches, so they are very deep seeking. The Muonionalusta has been in the ground a long time and shows signs of weathering from the outside in. The etch is a fine octahedrite just like Gibeon. But if you look at a slice of Muonionalusta around the natural edge, you will see dark material moving into the etch from the outside edge. If you look at a Gibeon slice in the same area it will be bright shiny metal all the way to very outside edge.
The Muonionalusta Meteorite is very hard to cut, it is very hard and wears out band saw blades very quickly. It costs more in blades to cut than a lot of softer meteorites, it also takes a long time to make a slice. So even thought
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