Murano Bird-Swan/ Barbini Camer Glass With Labels - EXC

Up for auction today we have a beautiful vintage Barbini swan with two original labels. He retains a round silver label with black writing on his back which says: MADE IN ITALY camer glass, New york Venice. On the base t is a square label CAMER GLASS, some worn writing, Made In Italy. He is mostly pink with hints of white and the clear glass on his head is filled with gold aventurine. The gold aventurine flows throughout the entire piece and the bullicante is heavy with gold aventurine. The entire bubbles are gold! He measures just under 5 1/2" tall and is 3 3/4" front to back. This is a fantastic example of vintage glass and he is in excellent condition ! My photos do not do it justice and it is so much prettier. If you have any questions please email. Thankyou and Good Luck Bidding! Please read all information in listing.