Murano Glass "Lovers" Sculpture, Italy

This Murano Glass sculpture is the famous "lovers" design. It is 17" tall, 3" dia. base, and 4-1/2" across at widest point. It has a "Made in Murano Italy" black sticker trimed with gold and gold lettering. It is etched on the bottom, "Mellore L".

The sculpture depicts two people embracing, one has arms around the other. This one has clear heads and arms, and the interior of the body is a combination of aqua and amber glass, which is relfected as aqua, amber and green. T are forced bubbles throughout (these bubbles are put into the piece purposely for drama and are not defects).

This item is left over inventory (which I recently located) from samples of an import business that I previous operated, which was liquidated in 2001. The item is from 1997-1999, and sold retail for upwards of $200.00. Reserve is not that high.

This is a great gift for engagement, anniversary or wedding.

Shipping includes oversized (double boxing) and insurance.