MURANO Lime Green Transparent Bird Clear Wings Orig Tag

Up for your consideration is a REALLY PRETTY, Lime Green, Transparent Glass Murano Bird with Crystal Clear, textured Glass wings.

I don't know alot about these Murano Birds. I just started picking up a few along the way as I thought they were so very pretty! But, I already have so many types of glass that I collect, I soon abandoned them, and sold most of them off prior. I had kept two, as they were my favorites, but have now decided to part with them too, in an effort to make room for my first love, Fenton Glass.

This bird is a bit on the larger side. He still retains his original sticker on the back of his neck, and I have up a photo of the sticker for you to see. It's the round red and gold sticker that states "Made in Italy, Murano".

The bird is free of damage, and in wonderful shape. I find no nicks, chips, cracks, fractures, repairs, or discolorations. T aren't even any major air-bubbles in this piece, a few very small ones, but unless held directly to the light and you are looking close, you don't even see those, just a very deep, lime green.

The wings have a sort of ribbed texture to them, and are clear glass. They are wonderfully shaped or posed to resemble the bird in flight.

The tail is green, but does fade out some into a lighter green, as it nears the rounded tips on the tail
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