Muscle Car Art, "Muscle on the Move", old Phillips 66,Gas Station / Garage Art

One in a series of hot rod / nostalgia prints called "America Remembered", with classic cars , hot rods, gas stations, diners, a light house, & various Route 66 locations.

Our work is for those of us who love Route 66, old cars, old diners instead of the chains, old "service" stations instead of "you pump" convenience stores.

This print is the sixteenth print in a series. This is a '60's Phillips 66 service station in Colorado, where you could get premium for WHAAT??? Anyway, it was a lot better price than it is today. Relive those days when you could fill up for five bucks and cruise all night. Note the Challenger with the blown 426 and the SS 454 Chevelle. Even the yellow Valiant has a hemi under the hood and the Nova runs nitrous. The Satellite has a 440 up front.

Rod Shots is the sole creator of this artwork & retains all rights and original files to reproduce it. All prints are lithographs, produced from our original files for Rod Shots. Watermark in the center of the image is only for internet display. It does NOT appear on your print.

Our work is created & printed in the U.S.A.

We will ship to other locations. Contact us for additional cost.