Museum Piece Deascensionned w/Museum Notation

We werethrilled when we discovered the availability of this rare church icon and bid furiously to acquire it. On the bottom it has the catalog number with the name “St. Anthony” and the abbreviation for Philippines. The hand chiseling on the bottom of this wonderful icon is alone a piece of art. The statue is well delineated if one wanted to use it for inspiration for a painting, sculpture, or photography. So many of the old church sculptures disappeared over time or, sadly, were replaced with contemporary figures for those who did not understand the history and pageantry involved.

The austere countenance of St. Anthony is riveting and also awesomely pastoral. His arms are extended, though is forearms and hands are missing as they often are with statues from very old simple parish churches. He stands reverently upon a platform and the marvelous worn patina echoes in such a lovely way as he has been on this earth for such a long time. We would wish that a collector with a reverential attitude would find him a new home as we move forward into retirement.

Size is 13.5” tall by 4” wide and deep (34.3 cm tall by 10.2 cm ).

As many of you know, we are selling our collections in preparation for our retirement where we will have much smaller quarters than we have filled over the years. We thank you for your patronage
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