Museum Quality Art Nouveau Clock

This is a stunning example of Art Nouveau. This clock is about a foot tall and almost a foot wide. It is porcelain with an Ansonia Clock Co. (New York) works.

The clock is wound (t are two springs) and I set it, but it wouldn't run. While I was setting the clock, it chimed, a beautiful, deep chime. T are two winding keys, one very old, and an adjustable pendulum.

Stamped in the porcelain on the back are the words "La Chapelle." T is a red maker's seal with a crown over it. Inside it says "FAA" and "1955." Outside the seal it says "Royal Bonn" (I think) and "GERMANY." Below that, "La Chapelle" is repeated. It doesn't look like this was made in 1955; that could be a model number, but I don't know.

The porcelain clock face has some hairline cracks. It has a square set diagonally in a larger square, with the letter "A" inside. Above it it reads "TRADE MARK." Below the circular dial are these words: "Manufactured by the Ansonia Clock Co. New York United States of America."

It is the porcelain itself that is the stunning part. It has minimal crazing, and no chips or cracks that I could find. It's really beautiful! Shades of purple and blue on the top blend into green and yellow below. A typical Art Nouveau woman's face with flowing hair graces the top, and below the clock face are beautiful hand-painted
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