Museum-quality Pre-Columbian Bowl w/ heads-faded paint

Offered for your consideration is this museum-quality Pre-Columbian "Effigy Bowl".

This pre-1492 earthenware bowl presents an unusual ovoid shape, a round bottom, and a straight, 1/2" lip around the opening.

Diametrically opposed atop the bowl's high shoulder are incredibly detailed and lifelike effigy heads. As is evident from the close-up pictures, these "effigy heads" are remarkable. Both heads are completely intact. No chipping or dings.

The Pre-Columbian bowl was painted with a design at the time of it's crafting; the paint has faded almost completely, yet adds a nice, speckled look to the overall patina, particularly striking in indirect sunlight.

This Pre-Columbian bowl was likely crafted in Panama [Rio de Jesus; Veraguas, or Cerro Gordo Provinces], and has survived for over 500 years in near-perfect structural condition [small chip on the lip - see photograph]; with the painted design long-faded from use in MesoAmerica, and five centuries underground.

MEASUREMENTS : The mouth of the bowl measures 4"; the diameter of the bowl, at its widest point, measures 6"; and the bowl is 5" high. The effigy faces measure 1" x 1" and 1" x 3/4".

We are offering this fabulous, museum-quality piece at a low starting bid and a low reserve. Please feel free to ask any and all questions.
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