Mushrooms" by Ruane Manning - print

Ruane Manning is an internationally acclaimed artist who is loved for his incredible depictions of animals, botanicals, Native Americans, and street cafes. He studied at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, continuing on as an advertising artist for several years. In 1968, ManningÃ,Â's first wildlife print was published, and with that, a very profitable career. He has won numerous awards and has worked with such prestigious companies as the Danbury Mint, the Franklin Mint, and the Hamilton Collection. ManningÃ,Â's home and studio are located on a farm in southern New Jersey. This particular print by Manning was done very early on in his accomplished career, dating from the 1960s, and is a rare find. Manning has portrayed a very realistic rendering of three mushrooms, sparing no detail whatsoever. The adorable mushrooms are most definitely the focus of the piece, since the background has remained untouched. The rich browns, greens, and rusts that were used only help to uphold the illusion of its realistic portrayal. It is a wonderful illustration of a delectable garnish used while cooking. It has been framed in a sleek gold wood frame that has a lovely green velvet inner lining, both complementing the hues used in this remarkable work of art. The dimensions measure 7 5/8Ã,Â" x 9 5/8Ã,Â", which also includes the frame. In addition, Manning ... read more