MUSIC MART Feature Matchbook Baltimore MD Radio tubes

Hello Bidders, My family keeps working the marvelous collection we recently acquired. This month will be a huge month for features, so if that is your passion stay with me for the coming weeks. Of Course, I will find time to keep the Matchcover people amused, just so they do not feel left out. I want to take the opportunity to give a big THANK YOU to all my customers in January. You made January a most wonderful month for us. Also, postal rates have just increased in January. My shipping cost is adjusted for the increase, but you should know I do not make 1 cent in shipping and NEVER charge handling just to squeeze my customers, and NEVER WILL!
As always, I do not grade, I give the best scan possible and let the bidders set the price. I ALMOST NEVER SELL A BOBTAIL (a cover with the striker clipped) and CLEARLY call it out if listed. To see the rest of the collection being listed go to member514827 and minx269 auction sites. My Mom and my Sweetheart are also working this massive collection.

FOR THE INFORMATION OF ALL BIDDERS: Please remember a Matchbook has matches in it and a matchcover has no matches. You are bidding on the following Matchbook or Matchcover:

MUSIC MART, Baltimore, MD, Feature Matchbook 21 strike full book

ATTENTION BUYERS: Due to ebay rule changes I accept and PREFER payment for this item
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