Muskegon, Michigan 32 Color Sanborn Map Sheets on New CD Year 1883

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps Digitally Scanned on 'CD'

It was because of the details and the accuracy of the Sanborn maps, coupled with the Sanborn Company's standardized symbolization and aesthetic appeal that made the Sanborn Company so successful and their maps so widely utilized.
Today, Sanborn maps remain a vital resource for people in many different fields. Historical Research is the most obvious use, with the maps facilitating the study of urban growth and decline patterns, and for research into the evolution of specific buildings, sites and districts. Genealogists use the maps to locate the residences and workplaces of ancestors. Planners use the maps to study historic urban planning designs. Historic Preservationists use the maps to understand the significance and historical evolution of buildings, including their historic uses and building materials in conservation and rehabilitation efforts. Demographers and Urban Geographers use them to study patterns of growth and migration of populations. Or for the Metal Detector Enthusiast looking for relic's of the American past.

Muskegon, Michigan 1883

32 Color Map Sheets in this Collection

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1 Adobe PDF eBook Plus 32 High Resolution (JPEG Images)

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