Mutant Evolution of Wolverine (MISB) X-Men Classics / Movie (2000) Toy Biz

Small residue of sticker on front �

First please look at pictures carefully and enlarge them. Second Payment is expected ASAP.( I usually give 1-2 days, but contact if you are waiting for a paycheck) when you place a bid,it is a contract in conjunction with ebay's bidding and buying policies and a � binding contract that you are willing to pay what you bid on. If you fail to pay, eBay will take care of it.You cannot email me and say that you did not mean to place a bid.( sorry I have had a lot of trouble lately with people telling me they don't want the product.) �

If you are from another country and want to bid on something, I welcome it and love it when people from all around the world bid on my stuff. However, I have no control over the price of shipping. When you buy from another country, I ship the product to a shipping center in the USA and they take it from there. I mostly do all calculated shipping. Also, please make sure that you understand that if you decide you don't want it or there is something thing wrong � with it, I have no problem refunding your money. With that being said, first my products are inspected with two pairs of eyes( sometimes three), (my team has a combination of OCD and are very picky) also, if you decide to return the product, shipping is on you as stated by eBay. �

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