Mutavault - x4 - NM - 4x - Morningtide - MTG

4 (four) original Mutavault from Morningtide. English Language. The cards are in Near Mint condition.
See my Grading Guide below for descriptions of card conditions.
Free shipping in the continental US. International shipping also available, excluding Italy and Spain. Will ship within 2 business days after receiving payment. Thanks!
Grading Guide (These are my own definitions of card grades, and I will categorize the cards I sell to the best of my ability. I am not a professional grader.)
MINT - Cards are pulled straight from the pack and put into sleeves. These cards have never been played and are "pack fresh". They may have certain factory marks on them, but nothing major and will not detract from the overall condition. Will look just like a card that has been opened from a booster.
NM - Cards that may show the slightest signs of play. There might be a few very light scratches on the front or back of the card (likely from being slid across a table during a draft), or slight sleeve marks on the face of the card. Generally looks like a new card, but upon very close inspection it will show slight signs of play.
LP - Lightly played. Cards will show evidence of play, but always in sleeves. There may be some light scratches on the front and/or back, some sleeve burn on the surface of the cards,
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