A self aligning tool to cut a crown in the muzzle of .40, .45 & .50 caliber muzzleloading rifle barrel

It is a 3/4" 60 degree chamfering tool with a 16" long, 5/16" dia. pilot rod attached to it with interchancable bushings to fit .40, .45 or .50 barrel bores. The pilot rod aligns the chamfering tool with the center line of the bore of your barrel and cuts the barrel crown square and concentric with the bore of your rifle barrel which is very important to accuracy. The aluminum bushings are positioned in place by O-rings on each end in of pilot shaft. An adjustable stop is installed on cutter to control the depth of crown.

If you wish to cut a new crown or re-do an old one you install tool into barrel and set the stop for the depth you want to go. Using a tap handle (not included) turn the cutter till cutter cuts enough for stop to come against the end of the barrel and continue turning (dwell) until the cutter stops cutting.

If you doubt the concentricity and trueness of your barrel crown because of wear or maybe feel it never was true to start with or would like a little larger chamfer to make starting the ball a little easier or would like to go with a 60 degree barrel chamfer to also make loading a little easier or unhappy with your rifle's accuracy, then this may be the tool for you.

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