Mw: NATIVE COPPER in CAMPBELLITE Rough -Bisbee, Arizona- 551 grams -RARE~!

One face cut chunk of Campbellite rough from the Campbell Shaft in Bisbee, Arizona. 551 Grams. A rare old time lapidary material consisting of bright native copper, quartz, calcite and cuprite, sometime with chrysocolla, malachite and a host of other copper family minerals. A very solid piece with no fractures. A little bit of metallic copper and a lot of intense red color. For the past few years I have been the only reliable online source for this material, I'm down to the last of my material. This is the VERY LAST piece of campbellite rough in stock. I have a few slabs left but this is the last of the rough. Shown wet. You get the exact stone pictured. Enjoy! FILL A FLAT RATE PRIORITY BOX TO SAVE ON SHIPPING - EACH ADDITIONAL ITEM THAT FITS IN THE SAME SIZE BOX SHIPS FOR FREE! COMBINE WINS FOR UP TO 30 DAYS.
LOCATION, SIZE AND WEIGHT LISTED ABOVE. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for looking and