MWC Super Luminova 21 Jewel 100m G10 Military Diver Automatic Latest Model

MWC G10 Automatic (100m Water Resistant) Military Watch

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Product Code: G1021AUT2

This is the latest G10 100m water resistant automatic self winding variant of our famous G10 100m quartz models. In 2007 we started to produce a mechanical G10 following requests from both retired and serving military personnel for a higher specification watch than the standard quartz models. Following the huge popularity of these earlier handwound models we have responded to constant requests for a high performance automatic version by producing a 50m variant and this new 100m model which is all new has a large number of improvements such as screw crown, increased case size, sand blasted 100% matt case finish and screw caseback.

This self winding model is similar in many ways to the mechanical version but is preferred by many clients because it requires no day to day attention- other than being worn - to keep it running. This MWC G10 Automatic really is the ultimate hybrid and offering a perfect mix of both traditional and contemporary watchmaking technology.

The G10 automatic like all MWC G10 50m and 100m quartz and Mechanical models has a heavy stainless steel case, it is very robust and tough and built to endure the most extreme of conditions,
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