Mystery Ranch Multicam Shooter Pack Rare Discontinued – NICE Frame USA 6500

MysteryRanch Multicam Shooter Pack Rare Discontinued – NICE Frame USA 6500 cu in

Theseare rare and were only made available to special units for a short time!

A discontinued item from Mystery Ranch that was made in very limited quantities and highly sought after. This external NICE frame pack includes a built in rifle scabbard in the back in addition to allowing you to carry your sustainment equipment separately in the huge main bag or one of the other 7 external pockets. The large reinforced gun can swallow a crew served MG, or an elk quarter.

Watch the video to get a better idea of the capabilities of this awesome pack:


(If website link does not show up search internet for “ How To: Carrying a Gun in the Shooter Pack on Vimeo ”)

INCLUDES Shooter pack, NICE Frame with BVS (Removable), Day pack lid and rifle cover.

The Mystery Ranch Shoot Pack combines the protective materials used in hard cases with the comfort, access and load carrying stability inherent in NICE Frame backpacks.

Medium Yoke, Medium Waist belt

Basic Specs: Volume: 6500 cu-in Weight: 11.2 lbs Frame System: NICE

The Shooter Pack with NICE frame is a classic top-loading pack with built in rifle scabbard. Huge 6500+ cu-in pack has enough features to organize the largest
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