Mystic Merlinite™ ss wire wrapped Pendant

Mystic Merlinite™ Pendant
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This offering is for a Mystic Merlinite ™ Pendant in a hand crafted sterling silver setting. This Pendant is brand new, never worn.

Mystic Merlinite ™ is composed of a blend of feldspar, quartz, and trace minerals, in swirling black and white patterns. This stone comes from a remote island in the Indian Ocean.


Intuitive sources say Mystic Merlinite ™ can part the veils between the visible and invisible worlds.

Mystic Merlinite's ™ most important quality is the expansion of self-awareness to the critical point at which sudden awakening occurs that transforms one's life. Silver chain n ot included.

Mystic Merlinite ™ is the trademark of Heaven and Earth LLC,



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