N.O.S. WWII US 2.36"Bazooka Reflecting sight assembly!

This is something I've had for years and really don't need! A New Old Stock reflecting optical sight for the 2.36" WWII Bazooka. New in original box with instructions, Dated November 1944. This sight was issued to replace the earlier model of sight on the Bazookas in WW2.

The Reflecting Sight Assembly D7161556 is used for making elevation settings and estimating leads in tracking moving targets with the 2.36 inch Rocket Launchers M9 and M9a1. It consists of a glass frame with a lens cover and indicator arm, and the optical unit which is held in the frame by the sight retainer.

The optical unit consists of a flat reticle opposed to a concave mirror which partially reflects and partially transmits light. the reticle has crossed horizontal and vertical lines and concentric rings so spaced as to represent correct angular leads for a target moving across a line of fire at speeds of 10,20,30 and 40 miles per hour. When sighting, objects in the field are seen through the system without magnification, while the enlarged image of the reticleis seen in phantom, superimposed on the field in such a manner that the center of the reticle image is always in the optical axis of the sight.

Very neat! never issued and complete with the technical Bulletin for its use TB 9-294-4

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