Nady ALD-800 Wireless In Ear Monitor with 6 receivers

This is a new Nady ALD-800 listening assistance system. INCLUDED ARE 6 RECEIVERS AND ONE TRANSMITTER TOTAL. Details are listed below. This unit is new in the box. USPS shipping will be free. Please email me with any questions.


6 earbud earphones with pads Transmitter Power Supply 6 Receivers


Consists of one wireless radio transmitter and any number (as required) of pre-tuned, compact, pocket-size receivers with individual volume adjust Unlike infrared units, the ALD-800 can be used also in bright light or even outdoors Range of up to 300 ft. no seating restrictions on users, even in the largest venues Eight standard channels available (72-76 MHz) Quick and easy installation and operation with no technical experience required


Frequency Response - 100 Hz-15KHz 3 dB Signal to Noise Ratio - 60 dB Total Harmonic Distortion - < 0.5% RF Carrier Frequencies - Eight channels between 72-76 MHz Frequency Stability - Better than .005% Modulation - FM 75 KHz max Operating Range - Up to 300 feet line-of-sight Mic Input - Connector: 1/4 phone jack Low impedance unbalanced, with 9V DC @ 1 mA for condenser mic Line Input - Connector: 1/4 phone jack Impedance: 100 K O Power Output - 80,000 V @ 3 meters Controls - Power on/off - audio input gain adjust Indicators - Power On
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