NAGRA IV or 4.2 ATM-117 External Mains Power Supply

Here is an ATM-117 external mains power supply for a NAGRA IV or 4.2 only in very reasonable condition with minor scrapes and paint chips and works just as it should. Cable, connector and power cord in nice clean and well maintained condition. Has the banana jack output for pilot tone in either 50hz or 60hz.

RE: NAGRA pilot tone sync see 'QCP' below.

Not for a Nagra III.

Also coming up :

QCP cable for a NAGRA going up for sale. (QCP-Crystal Sync Plug) DIN connector into NAGRA pilot input and banana jacks into ATM power supply outputs. Compares frequency of recorded pilot tone to A.C. hertz and speed is modified to stay in sync as it was recorded. Also called resolving when transferring tape for syncronization. Accessories input cable for NAGRA. Female Neutrik XLR connector to DIN ACC input on NAGRA. Allows external mixer or other source to input on recorder.

"Come on everybody...let's stay in sync..."

Please feel free to ask any questions...but before last day of auction please.

Items will be well packed and shipped in quick order!


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