Named Cased Bronze Star Medal

Cased Bronze Star Medal Named to Sgt. John MacPhee
This is a slot-brooch, WWII issue Bronze Star medal named to John MacPhee. It is cased, but missing the lapel pin and ribbon bar.
I have some basic research on Sgt. MacPhee from NARA which indicates that he enlisted on December 18th 1942 and returned to the United States in February 1946. His last assignment was Co. B, 1299th Engineers stationed in Sendai, Japan; however since this unit did not see combat and was only formed half way through 1944 it is likely that he was transferred to either after seeing action with some other unit in the Pacific or after seeing action in Europe. He is not listed in the initial assignment of men to the 1299th. Sgt. MacPhee was from Rhode Island.
Sgt. MacPhee is listed in the National Archives' AAD as "John Mac Phee" (note the space in the last name), although he is not listed this way anyw else.
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