Nancy Ann Skiing Molded Socks White boots

This is one of the Sports Series made by the Nancy Ann Storybook Doll Co. The Sports Series appears only in the 1940 factory pamphlet and then was discontinued. This series is on the molded sock mold or earlier. She is all bisque with the moveable arms and legs. She has the pudgy tummy. This doll is the molded sock doll that has the painted white boots. She has the storybook doll marking. She is in blue and white. She is all complete even with the extra little scarf around her neck. I see one tiny hole in the top and one in the back of the pants. If there are others they are not readily seen. There is a place on the bodice at the neckline where it is pulled away from the stitching but the scarf covers it. You could take a couple of stitching in it and I'm sure it would be fine. It has never bothered me so I have left it alone. The blue hat matches the knit in the pants and it has the white pompom on top. She is adorable and ready for winter. She is from a smoke free environment. If you would like to do a layaway, please contact me prior to purchase. Buyer to pay $20 towards registered mailing which includes insurance. Thanks for viewing.