Nancy and Sluggo board game toy 1944 Milton Bradley

From Milton Bradley in 1944 comes Nancy and Sluggo in this stunning colorful board game. The cover is a glossy picture of Nancy running to show Sluggo their game in which is a picture of Nancy running to show Sluggo their game. And on and on. So time-wise while World War II was finishing up in 1944 kids were at home playing this game. Well, whoever had this one lost the 4 wooden play marker pieces and a die. Also someone split a corner & seam, along with the bottom box tray. A couple other flaws I noticed are some spots of missing graphic to the right of the picture taking Nancy for a ride in the upper right area of the game board. And small pencil numbers on the front lid under the Nancy letter N. And as can be seen in the photos some lifted areas of the paper graphic both on the cover and game board. Even so with all flaws considered this is a very rare and colorful displayable character game. It measures approximately 15 X 1 X 9 inches. This is being sold for collectors to display. It is to be considered a fragile collectible and not recommended for play by anyone of any age. Please ask questions in advance as this is being sold as-is and is non returnable.