Nancy spungen/Sid vicious real gun necklace very rare!


This auction is for Nancy Spungen's gun necklace, it is the same exact kind of gun she had on her necklace. I did lots of research to find out about w her necklace came from, which lead me to find that a certain company made these tiny cap guns. They were the only ones made that had a black handle most had orange or white, this company was the only one to make them that size with a black handle. She would have made it into a necklace very easy since they were sold as keychains. I have gotten a few of these guns they are the exact guns she would have used to make her necklace. These are not easy to come by and they are not replicas they are the same guns made in the factory 30 years ago, I only have a limited number so once they are gone they are gone since this factory no longer makes these guns. T are some others floating around that look say they are Nancy necklaces, I have owned 2 of these and they are not what I have, they are painted to look silver and black. This paint comes off within days, the ones I have are from a left over batch found in the factory, they look brand new and are still in bags. I own one myself and have gotten it wet but this gun is still shinny silver and the black butt is not changing colors. This is a very rare find and is an excellent necklace for any Sid and Nancy fan, as I stated these
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