Napoleonic French Rev War Document Napoleon 1801

BEAUTIFUL & ORNATE document from the French Revolutionary Wars/Napoleonic era dated 28 Brumaire An 10 (approximately 20 November, 1801). This is a certificate of Service for a soldier of the 34th Demi-Brigade (Regiment), Army of Italy signed by Jean MAZAS as the Chef de Brigade (Regimental Commander), who was KILLED IN ACTION 4 years later in 1805 at the BATTLE OF AUSTERLITZ ........This is a MASSIVE document; it is HUGE! It is approximately 20 inches by 11 inches.

The Officer and soldiers of the 34th Demi-Brigade of Infantry certify that Citizen Jacques ENCELME, born 28 February 1754, son of Pierre and Marie Anne, entered the service in 1775 in the 67th Regiment and that he participated in the Campaigns on the Sea (Naval duty) in 1780 serving on the warship "Le Magnanime" , and that he also participated in the Campaigns in the North and in the Vendee . In 1797, his regiment was absorbed/formed into the 34th Demi-Brigade (Regiment) and he participated with this regiment in 2 Campaigns while in the Army of Italy . T are many signatures present of officers and non-commissioned officers of this regiment who certify what is written and also attest to the quality of service provided by this soldier while with the Regiment, stating that he demonstrated "courage in combat" , served with honor, etc. In addition, the document is
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