Naruto doujinshi Kakashi x Sakura Love Essence

Naruto Doujinshi - Renai Essensu (Love Essence)
Click the cover to see a sample page!   Product Details: You are bidding on a gorgeous Kakashi x Sakura doujinshi anthology produced by three talented artists: Rina Nishina, Tamezoh Kamejuji, and Natsuki!

Each artist contributed a full length comic to this anthology! The first comic features Kakashi and Sakura at an amusement park. When Kakashi starts giving a lost little boy a piggy back ride, is he trying to give Sakura a hint about something? ^_~ Kakashi's good with the little kiddies!

The second comic focuses on the legend of the luck lovers have if they find a four leaf clover. If you give it to the one you love, your love will last for an eternity. Does Sakura find her clover?

The final comic features a heart to heart between teacher and student about how important it is for a ninja to be strong. Would Sakura love Kakashi if he weren't a Jonin? Is it his strength that draws her to him? What draws Kakashi to Sakura?

This is a sweet doujinshi with pretty artwork and lovely storylines! Suitable for all ages!

Please Note: This doujinshi does not include a translation special, so you will have to commission me to translate it into English for you.
All text is in Japanese. T are no furigana, so you must know how to use a kanji dictionary
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