Naruto Vs Sasuke Rare Promo HALO

NARUTO VS SAUSKE, holographic card. a naruto vs sauke card, its pretty rare and a promo card, number 18. if you have any questions, dont hesitate to ask. shipping will be cheap and i will treat the card with alot of care when shipping it too you. ^ ^, its under the card type called mission and card type DVD according to /naruto/cardlists_pr.html The effect of the card is: During the organization phase of this turn, both players' Genin Ninjas must be removed from their teams and may not be included in the team with any other ninjas (other ninjuas can be organized as usual). During the battle phase, both players must send out only Genin Ninjas to battle if possible. During the showdown, no ninjas can receive any damage. also if a player wins a victory or outstanding victory, that player wins 2 battle rewards and draws a card. I try to have it arrive to you with in 1-3 days.