Narvik - Game Designers Workshop (GDW) 1974

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Narvik - Game Designers Workshop (GDW) 1974
Narvik - Game Designers Workshop (GDW) 1974
Unpunched copy of the game. Great condition.

Narvik is a game/simulation of the historical events surrounding the German invasion of Norway in the spring of 1940.

Narvik is actually two games in one. The historical game faithfully recreates the situation and explores the alternatives open to the opposing field commanders. On the strategic level, Narvik may be combined with the other games of The Europa Series . To this end, in addition to the counters provided for the historical game, counters for Norway and Sweden are supplied in compatible strengths for The Europa Series .

Narvik is a two player game. One side represents Norway and her Allies (Britain, France, and Poland), and the other represents Germany. The game is played in sequenced turns during which players move their units and engage in combat to destroy enemy units and gain geographic objectives. The German player will attempt to occupy Norway. The Norwegian player will attempt to prevent the occupation and/or extract the highest possible toll from the invaders.

First (1974) Edition Game components:

one full and two partial map sheets ( Europa #10, 5A and 11A, in white-black-blue
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