Nash Bridges Shows

This is a collection of 6 seasons of NashBridges (1996-2001) TV shows on DVDs.

* A set of 30 DVDs goes in the three hard DVD cases, as shown on the picture.

* All 122 episodes are in chronological order from the pilot to the finale.

* Each DVD has an interactive menu, so you can find any episode easily and an artwork with the titles of episodes on it.

* These DVDs are formatted *Region Free*.

* Presented in English, in full screen format, as it was shown on TV and free of any commercials.

* I guarantee the quality of these DVDs and replace any , which is unplayable or have severe scrambling issues.

* T was NO official release of this show, so you'll be the happy one, who has a copy of these episodes.

* Please, read the description carefully and ask any question before bidding, don't assume anything .

Shipping in continental USA is $9.90, Canada -$18; Worldwide -$37