Nassau Antique Bottle Stoneware Jug Art Pottery w/ Cork

Gerzogthum Nassau Antique Stoneware Art Pottery w/ Cork

Greetings! I have up for auction some fine artwork on a crude bottle, an interesting combination! It is an awesome antique, a primitive clay bottle that I have discovered to be a Gerzogthum or Herzogthum Nassau Selters Mineral Water jug, imported from Germany. When researching this on the web, I discovered that it was sold from 1893 to 1895 ( /~lockhart/EPSodas/Chapter5/5b/chap5b.htm ). If you access this page, you will need to go about 2/3rds the way down the page. I have copied the information onto a Microsoft Word document, but it is quite wordy, so you can either check out the link, or email me and I will send you an email with the attachment.

This stoneware bottle or jug has on it's front an elaborate hand-painted winter scene, complete with farmhouse, open gate and framed with two trees. It's a wintery sky, but smoke comes from the chimney of the house, indicating the warmth inside. Right above the scene is w the Selters circle is impressed; it says SELTERS in the round, and an upright lion on one leg in the center of the circle. Beneath the round stamp is the name, "GERZOGTHUM NASSAU" or it may say "HERZOGTHUM"; the first letter is unreadable. When I searched on Google, it suggested the Herzogthum spelling and that's when I got hits.

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