Nathaniel Mills Greek / Roman scene silver snuff box

This auction is for a very rare Nathaniel Mills snuff box.

This box has a rare scene depicting a Greek / Roman bedroom scene surrounded by a floral border, the sides are finished with a chased pattern with the bottom being very similar with a family crest to it. The inside is gilt and has a set of hallmarks to the inside.

The box is hallmarked with three marks, the anchor for Birmingham, the makers mark N.M for Nathaniel Mills and the date letter for 1826-1827.

The snuff box is in good condition with the hinge in very good working order and the lid fits tights to the body as you would expect from a box of this quality. The box measures 7cm long, 4.5cm width and 2.2cm high.

Nathaniel Mills and sons were 19th century Birmingham silversmiths who excelled in the making of silver boxes, vinaigrettes, snuff boxes and card cases.

Nathaniel Mills (1746-1840) was succeeded by his sons William and Thomas mills and most of the pieces made between 1840 and 1853 were made by William and Thomas who were partners in the firm.

Its said from 1830 onwards other silversmiths within the firm produced most pieces making this box an original piece of work by Nathaniel Mills himself.

This box is a very rare piece and probably the best you will find on Ebay, this box would grace any collection
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