National Basketball Association NBA Felt Sports Pennant Houston Rockets Texas US

Up For Your Consideration Is A Very Cool and Collectible Basketball Sports Pennant For Your Favorite Team!!! Read Below to find out how you can buy any pennant for 7 dollars each.
Buy 1 Pennant for $14.99 Buy 2 Pennants for $22.00 with best offer Buy 3 Pennants For $28.00 with best offer Buy 4 Pennants for $33.00 with best offer Buy 5 Pennants for $35.00 with best offer Purchase any additional pennant for $ 5 dollars each.
You will receive the pennant pictured in this auction. All of the Hockey pennants being offered are 30 inch Felt Pennants and are endorsed by the National Hockey League. I have baseball, football, hockey, basketball, soccer, and minor league baseball pennants as well; Please check out my store if you are interested in other sports??? Most of the pennants were made in the 1990's by a company called WinCraft. The condition of most the pennants are in good condition with some of pennants still having stickers on them. The pennants do not have any pin holes in them and were never used; they have been in storage for 20 years. They do not have any major creases but some do have folds that need to be flattened out; there are some creases in the pennants. The tips of some of the pennants have folds and some of the pennants have minor imperfections. Some pennants are in better condition than others, please
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