National Cash Register NCR 2114 Brass w/ TOP SIGN $$

This auction is for a model # 2114-1306 National NCR cash register which is like a brass look & is complete with a TOP SIGN, COMPLETE SET OF ALL KEYS (don't see these to often) and then a WORKING PRINTER which the ones you run into don't function. I printed out a piece of it and this register came from the "BRANDING IRON RESTAURANT which would have been like a bar register since some of the keys were marked for that! I had read something on the internet this was produced in the 1980s & obviously would have been due to the demand & product sales of old antique type things. This register is pretty heavy and looks are in good condition. LOOKS LIKE ITS REAL OLD TOO! NCR did a great job on these. Has a COMPLETE set of keys which i had seen a set of reproduction ones a while ago sell for $100 so you have every key to work it & lock it. I dont have instructions so i dont know how to work or program it sorry. T is also the mechanism on the bottom you can push to open the drawer. Besides the normal things of it needing like a cleaning & ink maybe for the printer it is complete. ?'s please ask. Funds are expected to be received to me no later than 7 days after auction ends & we invoice you. Postage is $60 USPS. Below are a few pictures just taken of it to give you an idea. ?'s please ask. Insurance & International ... read more