National Clock Company Calendar Clock

This auction is for a restored calendar clock by National Clock Co. T is a label on the inside backboard that is black with gold print that is hard to picture . The top part is readable but below is worn. It says eight-day clocks by National Clock Company and has worn directions I don't know w it was made but mostl likely Conn. It was made by Gilbert Clock Co. and has the stamped movement and the fancy Gilbert pendulum. The door glass is not old but I was told it is an exact copy of the original. This clock is in restored condition. By that I mean case refinished, new dial paper, (looks old), new hands, backboard secured w cracked, and is a typical Gilbert case with the excepion of the top which is different and may have been rebuilt at some time. I just don't know. I have never seen a National Clock Co. clock before this one. T was a National Calendar Clock Co. but most of them were by New Haven. Anyway I am selling it as a restored clock as you see it with no guarantees. I just need to move it on. The label in the back covers all the backboard width so the backboard is original with a couple ofcracks. This is an eight-day clock striking the hours and half- hours on a deep catherdral gong. The calendar is t and is working. The clock runs and strikes fine but guarantees. The movement has just been cleaned and oiled. ... read more