National Geographic May 1920 MALTA TEMPLES/MUSHROOMS

Common Mushrooms of the United States
38 million pounds of edible mushrooms imported into our country first 5 years preceding WWI
poisonous members of Amanita Family
Death Cups
Rattlesnake Dens Vs Poisonous Mushrooms
The Blusher id Edible
General Rules for Beginners
The Marvelous Spores
Green Gilled Lepiota
Edible Honey Mushroom
Abortive Clitopilus
Greenish Russula
Velvet Stemmed Collybia
Rooted Collybia
Fungi destroy wheat, trees and wood
Ants "Cultivate" Mushrooms
Common Meadow Mushrooms
Brick Red Hypholoma
Oyster Mushroom
Jack-O-Lantern Mushroom
Glistening Coprinus
Inky Coprinus
Deadly Amanita
Hedgehog Hydnum
Cup Shaped Puff Ball
Ink Mushrooms
Parasol Mushrooms
53 photos
Hurdle Racing in Canoes
A Thrilling and Spectacular Sport Among the Maoris of New Zealand
A race for Matrons
90 Paddles churning the water
A Marine Version of "Over The Top"
a 30 man power dugout Maori canoe
6 photos
Malta and its Recently Discovered Prehistoric Temples
First account of remarkable prehistoric tombs
and temples recently unearthed on the island
"A Place of Cursed Steps"
the Waterfront at Valletta
Grand Harbor and the British Saluting
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