National Geographic Apr 1984 LANCASTER MENNONITES/CALIF

In this Historical Issue:
East of Eden: California's Mid Coast
Environmentally embattled coast near Santa Barbara, sea lions and oil lines
Lompoc Valley commercial flower seeds
Pfeiffer Beach
fog-shrouded Highway 1
very nice map
Santa Barbara's Spanish Days Extravaganza
Queen of the Missions
Book of Deaths in the mission archives
Salinas Valley
"green cold"
Mobile Clothing store owned by enterprising Palestinian immigrant
innkeeper George Malone ankle-deep in Big Sur River
annual Poly Royal celebration of the California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo
Diaper Derby at the Monterey County Fair
Carmel Highlands
President Ronald Reagan at his cherished Rancho del Cielo in Santa Ynez Mountains
Los Rancheros Visitadores
Enchanted Hill at San Simeon 115 eoom castle built by William Randolph Hearst
William Randolph Hearst Jr
San Andreas Fault Carrizo Plain
Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant
demonstration protest at Vandenburg Air Force Base
Pismo Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area
Juanita Centeno, a Chumash Indian
white fenced horse breeding ranch at foot of the San Rafael Mountains
30 + Photos
Japan's Izu Ocean Park
Moray Eel
Alcyonarian coral
transparent shrimp
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