National Geographic Jan 1923 SARDINIA/VIENNA

In this Historical Issue:
The Island of Sardinia and Its People
Traces of many civilizations to be found in its speech, customs, costumes
Irrigation and Automobiles make their advent in Sardinia
Panorama of Cagliari from the Sea
Italy's most important Salt Works on the Flats South of Cagliari
Evening on the Plains of Murtos, near Torralba
Map of Island of Sardinia
5 months of the year without rain
Map showing relations of Sardinia to mainland Italy
The Tower of the Elephant
Ancient Ponte Romano over the Ottava at Porto Torres
Sardinia expects to have largest artificial lake in Europe
Panorama of Bosa
old castle of Malaspina
Roman Amphitheater on outskirts of Cagliari
Southern side of Port of Alghero
Lazy Summer morning in the Piazza at Osilo
The Town Crier or "Bandittore" making an announcement in a mountain village
Sunday morning gathering of peasants in Oliena
When the grapes are ripe in the Campidano
Snails for Sale
Group of peasants in camp during the Festival of Santa Greca
Sardinian Peasant Dance held in a kitchen
Ancient Homemade Look in a Peasant Cottage
Homemade Flour Mill
Preparing bread for the oven
Kneading the Dough
Eating "Pillonca"
Gathering the fruit of thorn-protected
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