National Geographic Jan 1924 CARLSBAD/REELFOOT LAKE TN

In this Historical Issue:
A Visit to Carlsbad Cavern, New Mexico
Recent exploration of a Limestone Cave in the Guadalupe Mountains of New Mexico Reveal a Natural Wonder of the First Magnitude
30 mile ride from Carlsbad to the cave
Natural opening to Carlsbad Cavern caused by collapse of the Roof
A Sinkhole 75 feet across and 60 feet deep formed in Aug 1918
Home of Countless Bats
Onyx Walls
2 types of Stalagmites
Yeitso's Pillar
A Corridor as long as the Inaugural Parade Route
The "Crow's Nest"
The "Elephant Ear" and "Porcupine Wall"
The Chandelier of a Thousand Pendants
The Blanket of Nalin, Apache Goddess of Death
W the Walking Sticks Come From
Century Plants
Sotol Plants near the Mouth
Last Chance Canyon
Soapweed of the Southwest
Ancient Burial Place near Queen NM
34 photos
Fantastic Plants of Our Western Deserts
Saguaro or Giant Cactus
Cancer Cactus
A Sahara of Giant Cactus
The White Cholla
Arizona water Cactus
A Tree Lily in Full Bloom
8 photos
Adventures in Eastern Darfur
Adventures Among the "Lost Tribes of Islam" in Eastern Darfur
A Personal Narrative of Exploring, Mapping, and Setting up a Government in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan Borderland
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