National Geographic Jan 1945 OUR NAVY ATTACKS FORMOSA

In this very historical issue:
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I Lived on Formosa
Our Navy begins Formosa attacks
Formosa Chinese hold an annual Dragon Feast
50 wrecked Japanese planes at Okayama Airfield
Bombs from Superfortress smother Japanese shipping in Takao's Inner Harbor
Strategy map
map of Formosa
An arrogant daughter of the Sons of Heaven
Takkiri River Bridge
parade in Taihoku
Taiyal Head-hunters dance
How a tea taster works
Formosa's 5 1/2 million Chinese do the hard work for Jap Overlords
Paiwan Tribe
Formosa's sway backed swine
19 photos
Indians of Our North Pacific Coast
Totem-Pole Builders
Warriors wore body armor
Nootka Chiefs
Blankets of cedar bark
Totem poles signified social standing
Tsimshian Headdress
Shaiks, head Chief of the Tlingit
Niska Chief
Nass River
Aleuts lived in communal houses
Then came the Japs
16 paintings
Seafarers of South Celebes
Islands had 4,000 ships
Makassar's Prau Harbor
25 photos
Paris Delivered
Cheering the Yanks on Liberation Day
Paris gives thanks the war spared Notre Dame
American Infantrymen march past the Arc de Triomphe Aug 29 1944
Champs Elysees
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